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Scale with big numbers

What does that number even mean and why is it the title of my entry today?


I was looking at my folder of completed blog entries on my laptop and noticed that the last time I mentioned anything about my weight loss efforts was back in May, and I wasn’t too enthused with my progress. Recently though I hit a new low weight of 247 pounds, my goal is 200 pounds and I started this whole affair at 267 pounds, so 20 pounds lost is 29.85% of my goal accomplished.


I can take some of the credit for the effort I have put in, but most of it I can credit to the drugs. Specifically the doubling of my daily dose of Wellbutrin and starting Ambien at the same time back in early September.


What are they doing well for me?



  • I actually fall asleep quick now, even with a CPAP machine
  • It seems easier to get going in the morning
  • Ambien works more quickly and effectively if you haven’t had a big dinner, so I find I eat less at dinner now


  • More energy
  • More willpower (which has helped in making smarter choices for eating)
  • Slightly diminished appetite (this seems to help with blunting cravings which have led to eating way too much at some meals)


There are some drawbacks:



  • Take it too late and it is hard to get going in the morning
  • A big dinner too late will cause it to take effect too slowly and will make you more tired feeling in the morning
  • My memory seems less sharp


  • That added energy is sometimes rather hard to focus, making me more restless and nervous at times
  • Warm temperatures and exertion make me sweat more
  • It makes me get irritated about things more easily (which is better than apathy though)


All that said, the initial burst of energy and feeling good with these medications wore off after a few weeks, so it’s now on me to keep things moving forwards since the drugs have held up their end of the bargain. They can’t do everything, I need to apply the stronger willpower and energy to reaching my goals, and for losing weight I am 29.85% of the way there.

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