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Half-Baked Ideas Volume One

Not Sketti. Photo by OLA Mishchenko on Unsplash

I was poking around in the folder on my computer where I keep all my food blogging writings, I have a subfolder for my entries in progress. Over half of these entries turn into full-fledged posts, the remainder sit there for perhaps years. Some of these half-baked posts are pretty far along, they are only some polishing or that last good paragraph from completion. Others are nothing more than a title.

Let’s take a closer look at some of these half-baked ideas and see if we can do anything interesting with them. The original text will be italicized.

Entry last saved June 12, 2013 – Working Title: Stupid Food

  • Fluffernutter
  • Sketti
  • Crustless bread
  • Items other than bread for sandwiches

This was early on, around two months after when I started my blog. This idea must have been triggered by the existence of sketti. What is sketti? Unfortunately not a misspelling of spaghetti but an abomination. It consists of cooked spaghetti noodles, butter and ketchup. This came into the public eye from that Here Comes Honey Boo Boo show that used to be a thing. It was considered a family favorite, the mother fondly remembered it from growing up and her daughter, the Honey Boo Boo in the title considered the dish her favorite.

The Fluffernutter is a sandwich made from peanut butter and marshmallow cream that was created and popularized in New England. I’m not sure why this one seemed stupid back then, perhaps it’s the name? I would rather have those two ingredients on top of my ice cream than between two slices of bread, and marshmallow fluff is a marginal food for me anyways, it reminds me too much of caulk.

Crustless bread: As an edible item I have no problem with it and bread without its crust forms the base for those delightful things called tea sandwiches/finger sandwiches. The stupid part is those spoiled kids who don’t like crust and absolutely, positively have to have them cut off before eating the bread. Fun fact: Did you know that Uncrustables, perhaps the most known commercial brand for a crustless (and premade foodstuff) are frozen? This was news to me, I had always assumed that they were sealed up and sitting on a shelf in the peanut butter and jelly aisle.

Items other than bread for sandwiches: I know where this one came from, KFC had a sandwich called the Double Down. It is a sandwich with bacon, cheese, and the “Colonel’s secret sauce” between two pieces of fried chicken fillets. The gimmick that I believed was stupid at the time was substituting chicken fillets for bread. It sounds delicious but messy. Interestingly it is healthier than I thought it would be, only 540 calories. It is a salt bomb though with over half of your daily allowance of sodium in just one sandwich. I also take issue for those “sandwiches” where big leaves of lettuce are substituted for bread. This is more of a healthy eating thing since you are cutting down on calorie and carbs with no bread. But how good would the filling still be if the bread vanished? Is it really more of a handheld salad at this point (don’t even get me started on how so many restaurants these days call the sandwich/burger type offering handhelds).

If I thought about it some more I could come up with some other foods that seem stupid to me, but stupid is so subjective. There are plenty of foods out there that have plenty of reasons to rip to shreds for better reasons than stupid.


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