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It Was Delicious, But It Was a Sad Desk Lunch…

My Chicken Salad Sandwich

You may remember this picture from my post back in July when I made my own version of the Chicken BLT sandwich from Starbucks.

You were amazed and delighted when I discussed the original sandwich prepared by Starbucks and nearly passed out from sheer ecstasy when I posted my own version of the sandwich (recipe included).

But while you were drooling over your keyboards and thinking if you had the ingredients on hand to duplicate the masterpiece, did you notice the background of the picture? Did the benevolent rays of the unfiltered sun beam down on my sandwich like a spotlight on the tender chicken? No. Did the cedar planks of the picnic table contrast nicely with the verdant greenery of the lettuce? No. Was there a bottle of wine and a beautiful lady blending in to the background? Oh hell no!

This was a lunch at my desk at work. (Cue the sad trombone.) My only companions were my desk phone, a highlighter, an electric stapler and a bedraggled notepad.

Fortunately I am not alone in my suffering, millions upon millions of people worldwide eat their lunch at their desk. Some eat there because they have no time to break away from their work, I eat there because I prefer not to spend any more time at work than necessary. An extra half hour seeking and eating lunch outside the office means an extra half hour stuck at work in the late afternoon, and a half hour less to do something useful outside of work, like making dinner.

The website chronicles the culinary attempts (some delicious looking, lots of leftovers and some that just have to be seen to be believed)

You may laugh and think that a sad desk lunch is something that only happens to other people, but I guarantee that it is only a matter of time till you are reheating Thai leftovers from the weekend out of the container they sent it home with you with a pink fork from that office birthday gathering back in May.

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