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Vegetable Smackdown: Broccoli vs. Kale


Yesterday the Hungry Man was tooling around on the web when he came across the following article on the New York Times Website:

The gist of the article is discussing the assorted methods used to get people to eat more produce, one of which would be to market types of produce the same way something like soda is marketed. The vegetable they are focusing on is broccoli. They have a group of advertising types brainstorming ways to promote broccoli and I won’t spoil the details here, but one of the top ideas they come up with is to pick a fight with kale (imagine broccoli taking on kale the same way the Chik-Fil-A cows battle beef).

Now this is all very interesting, but why is it interesting to me? Well only the day before I bought my very first bag of kale. Like most greens a bag of kale is voluminous, the one pound bag I purchased for $2.49 could also double as a throw pillow. I had come across an egg recipe on another blog that called for kale and interested me so much that I made the splurge and bought a throw pillows worth of kale. I also figured that I would find some interesting recipes for using it as a side (I did, keep reading!)

Now what the NYT article from above also alerted me to is that kale is considered the smug Pabst drinking, corduroy jacketed, mustache wearing (ironically of course) vegetable whose favorite band is Vampire Weekend, aka the hipster of vegetables.

Broccoli is more like Judith, in accounts receivable who wears her tasteful burgundy pantsuit with pride and quietly listens to Billy Joel on her Discman because she would hate to disturb you.

So tonight I cooked up some kale as a side using this recipe:

Notice that it took Bobby Flays expertise to come up with a delicious side for kale, but broccoli, like Judith is very straightforward to work with. Steam it, or boil and drain it, add a bit of lemon pepper or something and voila, you have a tasty side as well.

Let it be known for the record that my first time trying kale was delicious, but I have always considered broccoli one of my favorite vegetable sides.

I forgot to take a picture of the sautéed kale, just imagine a pile of cooked spinach with more verve and frills, so instead I leave you with a picture of my bag of kale attempting to blend in with the chair pillows.


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