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When The Hungry Man is Sick, What Does He Eat?

Medicinal Meal

So what all have I been up to and eating for the past week? Did I travel to Laos with Andrew Zimmern and hit the street carts with food unknown a simmerin? Did I wine and dine at 1789? Or perhaps I had a pleasant surprise and had dinner at 5 Guys? Nope, it is as the picture above shows, fever and chills while downing lots of pills.

So that’s what today is about, what do you eat when you are sick and have no appetite? What are those comfort foods that you eat that make you feel a little better for a brief time, even though you are still feeling horrid? Or, what do you eat simply because you can tolerate it? These are some of my favorites either for making me feel good, or simply preventing starvation:

  • Eggs: Scrambled, or between two slices of toast with a slice of cheese, eggs are delicious, nutritious and go down smoothly when you have a sore, scratchy throat.
  • Soup: Homemade chicken soup is the default answer here, and this is one of those foods that would be on almost everybody’s list. There are two other good sinus clearing alternatives especially if you are stuck at work and happen to have one of those ubiquitous grab and go buffet places nearby. I bet at least one of their offerings will be either won-ton soup or egg drop soup. If not too spicy, both will go down smoothly, and they will also do a grade A job of clearing out your sinuses too.
  • Ice Cream: Sometimes when I am sick, especially when I have a sore throat, I find myself wishing that I had a soft serve ice cream machine sitting in my kitchen. If I had my druthers I would eat nothing but soft serve ice cream till my sore throat went away, but alas I have no such machine at my disposal and I would pay the price later (A specific friend of mine would say: Just wait till you feel better, we are going to jog all that ice cream off of you!)
  • Pasta: When my throat is sore and my appetite has faded, I usually can down a bowl of freshly cooked pasta. I don’t do much with it, I drizzle it with olive oil, and sprinkle it with a bit of parmesan cheese, and sometimes a pinch or two of garlic powder if I can still taste some flavors. No pasta sauce, no meat, just pasta with some small flavor enhancements.
  • Oatmeal: Now we are heading down the list to those things that you eat because you have to eat something. A nice hot bowl of oatmeal topped with some brown sugar usually is edible no matter what my condition.
  • Carnation Instant Breakfast: They call it Carnation Breakfast Essentials now, but it was simply called Carnation instant breakfast back in the day. Chocolate is my favorite flavor, but about the only time I really drink it are those mornings where I just have to have something to avoid doing something embarrassing like passing out on Metro (Fun fact: did you realize that the majority of sick customers that mess up service in the morning on Metro skipped breakfast?) When none of the meals above are possible or appetizing, there is always Carnation Instant Breakfast.

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