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Thoughts on Beer, Part 1

Beer Glasses

Ksssshhhh, glug glug glug, gulp, gulp, ahhhhhhhh.

Nothing says “I am ready to kick back and relax” more than popping open a can or bottle of a nice cold beer, pouring it into your favorite beer glass and enjoying that first sip that leaves a foam mustache from the head that formed.

These days if you are an American of drinking age and above you are a lot less likely to be partaking in the enjoyable ritual from above. Perhaps you are uncorking your favorite red, white or blush wine. If not, you may be a person who enjoys mixing something up with your favorite liquor, or just drinking it straight for the best liquors out there. Based on the chart shown, most of the fall in beer consumption is occurring because of increased wine consumption.

Why is this happening?

One reason we will talk about today is that mass market beer has left a bad taste in customer’s mouths, and that the high quality microbrews that exist nationwide just can’t make up for it. The chart shown from the link above goes back to 1992, and back then microbreweries and other independent brewers were far fewer in number. So the quality and choice of beer today is better than it was back then when it comes to being able to select a good beer to drink, but the quality and perception of the beers that people are most likely to drink (the mass market beers) is in decline.

Check out these links for some further background on why mass market beer is a culprit in my opinion for the decline in beer consumption:

  • Have you heard of a company called AB InBev? They were known as InBev back in 2008 back when they bought out Anheuser-Busch, whose flagship product was Budweiser. Since then their business practices have made Wall Street very happy, and beer lovers far less happy. Read more to see how they are busily making the beer you drink worse:
  • If you are of a certain age you may remember a beer named Schlitz, it was the top selling beer in America shortly after the end of World War Two. Thirty years later their reputation and sales were destroyed because of cost cutting measures used to fatten their profits and sales numbers:
  • If you can’t beat them, make it seem like you are one of them…mass market brewers have been making beers lately that look like they are made by microbreweries or independent brewers, but are really just fronts for the mass market beer companies. Do you enjoy Shock Top? It’s no microbrew, it is made by the rapscallions from above AB InBev!

Of course, not all mass market beer is undrinkable swill, this blog lists some mass market beers that are pretty darn good, and I agree with all that are listed, especially anything made by Yuengling.

So go ahead and drown your sorrows about the state of American beer with a beer listed from the last link above…

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