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Celebrate a New Beginning With Cake


The start of a serious effort to lose weight is a serious occasion, you’re eating habits are about to change and many people say that the first week is the toughest as you switch over from eating poorly to eating better. It can be a reckoning of where you have been and where you are about to go, blah blah blah. In my first week what do I encounter?


Lots and lots of cake!

Nothing says it’s time to start eating healthy and losing weight like eating lots of cake, and other things too, but we will get there soon enough.

I have a very good excuse, you see, my birthday was on March 9th, which fell on a Monday this year, so I was getting together to see the family the following weekend. Also, my niece happens to share my birthday, so the festivities are not just to celebrate my birthday but to also celebrate my niece’s (let’s be honest though, when it is a five year old girl, the festivities are all about her, you are just lucky to be along for the ride). What comes along with birthdays? Cake of course, the one my mom baked for me and the one that was picked up for my niece. My cake was a celebration of chocolate in its many different forms, while the cake that my niece picked out was a celebration of My Little Pony.

Now I realize we are in late May now and I am recounting things from two months ago. To be specific, my visits with both the doctor and nutritionist were on March 10, but no worries, we will be caught up in the present again soon enough.

Not only was I presented with (and consumed) generous amounts of cake, but there were other foods as well and several meals eating out that, when tracked (using the Lose It! App) racked up way more calories than expected. How many? I consumed five days’ worth of calories in the three days I was in town. Aside from the party food and cake, I made a number of poor choices and the good choices I made did not help the big picture.

The day after I got back in town, I had a follow-up meeting with the doctor to see how my blood pressure was doing. It was better, it measured 142 over 90 something which was actually the lowest it had been since I started my medication (but still too high). My weight was up only 1.5 pounds, which I considered a small victory as I know what all I ate and was certain I would have gained more.

Next post I will be playing catch up to get us to the present…

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