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Course Corrections: Part 3

Sad Pizza :(

Last post I talked about the first set of marching orders I received from my nutritionist and listed an assortment of incorrect things I was doing to get me to this point.

As part of the aforementioned marching orders, I was given several recipes and suggestions to follow for healthy meals and healthier foods to have around. When I first saw the recipes, I was rather pleased as most of them looked delicious and easy to make as well, but at the same time, most of them called for ingredients I did not have lying around my kitchen. So off to the supermarket I went…

Now I wasn’t about to go and overhaul my whole pantry in one fell swoop, and I also neglected to bring any kind of list along either, on top of all this, I was stopping off at the supermarket on my way home from an appointment right before dinner and rather hungry too. I was making every possible misstep you could make before setting foot in the grocery

In the end, it went as well as I could have hoped, I focused on two areas to pick up food: Fish and vegetables.

For the fish, I had two main things I wanted to grab to start things off, tilapia and sardines. My nutritionist told me that tilapia was a good fish to use for a dinner and one of the recipes I was provided with was for a tilapia fillet with an avocado and salsa topping, so I found a bag of frozen tilapia fillets, 40 oz., 10 fillets 4 oz. apiece, the perfect serving size! Sardines also came recommended as they are loaded with nutrients and healthy fats, a tin plus some crackers can make a healthy light meal. I will have to do some research to find out what other interesting things you can do with them. Now on this particular day they were marked down on sale from their normal price of $1.19 a tin to only $1.00 per tin. I decided to pick up eight tins. Now sardines and other fish that come in cans and tins like that have a bit of a reputation of being a questionable culinary selection, probably because of the smell and relatively low price. To throw out some stereotypes, the popular choices amongst hermits and cat ladies, or survivalists for that matter. Yes, that is who I am, a grim survivalist restocking my bomb shelter… I also picked up a fine looking fillet of fresh salmon that was on clearance as its sell by date was today.

Now it was time for the vegetables. At some point in the future I expect I will be making better use of the fresh veggie section as I get better at planning out my meals (and eating more vegetables), but on this day I made a beeline straight for the frozen food section. Several reasons, the one above as well as frozen vegetable can be just as fresh and nutritious as their fresh counterparts (indeed a number of frozen veggies are frozen within less than a day after being picked (those fresh ones may be several days old by the time they make it to your grocery shelf)) Convenience plays a role too, just grab whatever you need from the bag and pop it back in the freezer, also frozen vegetables will stay good a whole lot longer than fresh.

I picked up several bags, chopped onions, chopped spinach, stir fry blend, ranchero blend (the kidney beans in it must make it “ranchero”) and mixed vegetables (the school lunch blend as I like to call it). These veggies are either going to be used as sides for dinners or as a supplement to something else (the onions and spinach I plan on mixing in with eggs as part of a breakfast recipe).

I didn’t pick up anything “bad” otherwise, though I did pick up a package of olive loaf (we will talk about that another time), and a frozen pizza (we will also talk about that another time).

I now have some food and knowledge, so now the hard part begins…

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