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Course Corrections: Part 2

Sad Pizza :(

In my last post I was talking about some of the issues I have been dealing with recently as well as the new health issues regarding my weight and cholesterol that were discovered when I went and had my first full physical in ages.
I said that I had an appointment with the nutritionist that same day, as it turned out, my appointment with the nutritionist was first, so by the time I saw the doctor, I was already knowing about the changes that I was going to be making to my diet. The news the doctor had for me just reinforced the fact that I needed to get working on these dietary changes right away.
So what did the nutritionist have to say? For those of you who already have been eating healthy or have seen a nutritionist before, nothing that comes next is a surprise:
• More fruits and vegetables
• Less fat and carbs
• More fish consumption (twice a week)
• 2000 calories a day (for me, at 267 pounds this will make me lose weight, however as I do lose weight that number will creep lower)
• No margarine
• Reduce your processed food intake
• Try to make your breakfast bigger and more healthy
• Worth repeating: More fruits and veggies
• Oh yes, and get exercising
She also gave me a sheet that had a guide to the different types of food I should be eating with the appropriate serving size and examples of those foods. It also included the types of servings I should be aiming for at each meal and 2 snacks a day for a 2000 calorie target.
Now everything she discussed with me seemed doable and at first did not seem like it would be a huge adjustment compared to what I had been doing, or was it? After all I would not be overweight and in this situation if I had been doing things right in the past. So what all was I doing wrong?
• If you eat the entire pizza, that would be binge eating
• Skipping/missing meals will make you more likely to eat more at the next meal you do eat
• You made a healthy meal, but you ate enough of it to feed two people, your portion control was your undoing for this meal
• You were proud because you selected a can of soda instead of a bottle to go with your lunch, which was a poor choice, you could have had water instead…
• You thought you had a good day when you made sure you had fruit with your lunch and a vegetable with your dinner, but that’s only 2 servings on the day, not enough fruit and veggies
• Oh yes, and not enough exercise
My bad habits more than outweighed any of the positive steps I would take (when I would take them) and doing things like eating a whole pizza would cause you to take in more than a day’s worth of calories in one sitting, and probably causes more harm to your body than just the caloric surplus.
So now what? Find out what my next steps were tomorrow…

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