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Course Corrections: Part 1

Sad Pizza :(

Do you remember back in the good old days when I used to actually post entries on this blog? I sure do, I was looking over my activity and discovered that I have posted a whopping two entries in the past six months.

So what has been going on to cause such a disruption in the universe of the Hungry Man? You may recall that back in July my dad had a heart attack and died from its complications less than a week later. That takes a while to get over, and I really have not been in the mood to do much of any writing, for this blog or otherwise.

What else have I been up to given that state of recent affairs? Well, being depressed and eating mostly, though that makes it sound more drastic than it really was. I was still mostly going to work and getting out and about, but my heart was not in it, my heart was into eating though and I probably put on around 20 pounds since last July. That’s not so bad now is it? It is a problem if you are already overweight to begin with to start with…

To start to get to the point here, I got some help for my state of mind and started to see a therapist towards the end of last year, and in March I had my first proper physical since who knows when to find out the state of my body, as it happens I also had an appointment scheduled with a nutritionist that same day at the same office.

The numbers that day and a few days later when I got my blood work back were not good:

  • I weighed 267 pounds (on a 6’1” frame)
  • My blood pressure was 200 over something (I don’t think they ever told me the diastolic number, but they did say that if I was showing any other symptoms or signs of discomfort that I would have been sent straight to the ER)
  • My cholesterol was 276
  • My triglycerides were really high as well
  • And the icing on the cake was that I was pre-diabetic (though at the lowest possible measurement, one digit lower would have had me at the highest end of normal)
  • Also, though not a news flash, I had just turned 39 the day before, so I am no longer young…

This is what a wake up call looks like, though the alarm had been beeping away and I was sleeping through it since July, or for the last few years to be honest.

So, now what? As mentioned before, I also had an appointment with a nutritionist that same day, we will find out what she had to say tomorrow…

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