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Link Roundup Volume 1


Link Roundup Volume 1

Nothing says, “Hey it’s been a while since I posted something, but I don’t have any ideas for what to post,” then posting a link roundup post. The stock photo above represents my current level of inspiration for posting, a few bedraggled crumbs of creativity on an otherwise empty plate. So instead I will let other people do the hard work, link to their stories and write up something short, witty and insightful about their story and hopefully entertain you in the process and the site I linked to gets another click from you the dear reader…

  • In the news media, there are news reports and stories that can be informative, but not timely or related to current events that can be used as a space filler on a slow news day, they are called canned stories because they can be used a lot longer than the typical news story and can sometimes be repeated after a decent interval in time. Well this isn’t a canned story, but it is a “canned story” from the Washington Post about how canned tuna is not as popular as it used to be. I used to eat tuna a lot more when I was younger, usually in the form of a tuna fish sandwich packed in my lunch for school. These days I get most of my tuna via sushi, I am probably not alone.
  • I have written about McDonalds before and will certainly write about them again in the future, they are the elephant in the room when it comes to American fast food, or even eating out in general. In this story, McDonalds is fighting the uphill battle against the perception that low prices=low quality. There was one interesting quote that stuck out at me regarding their volume and high turnover of food and its freshness, as said by a McDonalds executive: “The produce and the products that we have at breakfast and across the menu are fresher than — no disrespect intended — what most of you have in your refrigerators” And they would be right…
  • I have a gut feeling that you will find this story interesting. Apparently digestive tract bacteria may influence us to select food that is beneficial to the bacteria, but perhaps unhealthy for us…
  • Did you know there was such a thing as a breakfast club sandwich? I didn’t even though it makes perfect sense that such a thing would exist, check out this excellent looking recipe for one on this blog.
  • And finally for dessert, check out this recipe for a no bake chocolate lasagna.

Hopefully you will find something above that strikes your fancy and is food for the mind…

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