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The Hungry Man Eats Turns 1 This Week, Happy Birthday!


On April 24th , The Hungry Man Eats will be a year old! Break out the bubbly and a cake!

It has been an interesting first year of writing and posting things, with a few surprises along the way.

So let’s do one of those ever so popular reviews of the year that was taking a look at some of the highlights and lowlights, starting from the beginning:

  • Although my first post was April 24th it was just an introduction with a promise of more exciting things to come, my first actual post about food was on April 29th when I talked all about the dinner I had at Medieval Times.
  • It didn’t take too long for things to get entertaining, on May 27th I posted my opinion on the Starbucks Chicken BLT Salad Sandwich, and that got people’s attention, it only took a few weeks for it to become my most popular post at that point in time.
  • On May 27th, I posted an awesome recipe for homemade hamburgers, grilling season is rapidly approaching and you should check it out even now…
  • On June 26th, I talked about blue cheese and have been told by people that it was one of my more entertaining posts as it had more of my writing voice come through, check it out for a chuckle or two.
  • On July 2nd, I delighted the internet when I posted my recipe for my version of the Starbucks Chicken BLT Salad Sandwich. I look at what draws people to my site and my first post about the chicken salad sandwich was the main draw at that point, but it offered little more than a review of the sandwich. I decided that perhaps people would be even more interested in a recipe that attempts to duplicate the Starbucks version. As it turns out, around 60% of the people who have visited my site since May 27th have been drawn to it because of my posts about the Chicken BLT Salad Sandwich. That’s the highlight and lowlight in one, a highlight because they are the most popular posts by far, but a bit of a lowlight as it appears that if it wasn’t for a Starbucks sandwich I wouldn’t have very many visitors…
  • On September 25th, I tried to catch lightning in a bottle again and wrote about a different Starbucks sandwich, their egg salad sandwich. On the popularity scale: chicken salad>>>>>egg salad.
  • Although it’s not a post, around this time I discovered the funniest search engine search that led somebody to my site even to the present: “thoughts while eating steak”
  • On October 9th I had my best title for a post: “I’ve Been Looking so Long at These Pictures of Food That I Almost Believe That They’re Real” If you can tell me why this title is as amusing as it is, then props to you, you are from my generation.
  • Around Thanksgiving I created another site at The reason for doing so is boring and complicated and not worth going into here, but I have even more stuff I’ve written about over there.
  • Shortly after Christmas I wrote about Christmas Sticky Buns, AKA Monkey Bread and posted another delicious recipe.
  • On February 9th I presented my thoughts on Martinis, what made this one interesting was that I had nearly three Martinis, and then sat down to write the post. For a 988 word post with that much booze in me it went surprisingly well, the most egregious error that I made among the errors I needed to correct later was calling Glenfidditch a gin 🙁

So here we are in the present again, soon I will write about what I hope to do over the next year on this and my other site, until then, happy eating!

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