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An Inscrutable Lunch and Boring Website Info


So I have been tooling around with the website a bit and for some boring technical reasons I have reverted back to the original look of the page for now.

You may have also noticed that I added a new page to the tabs at the top, it contains links to all kinds of assorted interesting pages, do be sure to check it out.

So what is the deal with that picture of lunch? It came from one of the food trucks near where I work, I don’t remember it’s name I just remember that it was a yellow Korean-American BBQ truck and they called the dish I ordered “Chicken Teriyaki”

Lets take a closer look shall we? Starting in the upper left hand corner we have a basic green salad with no dressing. In the upper right corner we have chicken wing(singular), it looked a lot spicier than it actually was. On the bottom left we have two unknown food objects(UFO’s) on top of a bed of white rice. The UFO’s looked fun, the squiggle of sauce looked spicy and delightful, however much to my dismay, the UFO’s were less flavorful than they looked, on a very mildly disturbing note, even after eating the UFO’s I still had no idea what they were, even after tasting and consuming them. On the bottom right side we have the chicken teriyaki, it was actually very delicious and left me wanting more of it. Not pictured is a small plastic bottle of frozen dessert, i only know it was dessert because the word dessert was the only English word on the bottle, when it mostly thawed it was a sweet tangy yogurt like substance, rather tasty…This meal set me back $10.00. The odds are I won’t get it again for as much as I enjoyed the chicken teriyaki portion of the meal, the rest seemed like very interesting looking filler.

The Hungry Man Eats Score: 59/100 (The chicken teriyaki part of the dish was 85/100)

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