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An Inscrutable Lunch and Boring Website Info


So I have been tooling around with the website a bit and for some boring technical reasons I have reverted back to the original look of the page for now.

You may have also noticed that I added a new page to the tabs at the top, it contains links to all kinds of assorted interesting pages, do be sure to check it out.

So what is the deal with that picture of lunch? It came from one of the food trucks near where I work, I don’t remember it’s name I just remember that it was a yellow Korean-American BBQ truck and they called the dish I ordered “Chicken Teriyaki”

Lets take a closer look shall we? Starting in the upper left hand corner we have a basic green salad with no dressing. In the upper right corner we have chicken wing(singular), it looked a lot spicier than it actually was. On the bottom left we have two unknown food objects(UFO’s) on top of a bed of white rice. The UFO’s looked fun, the squiggle of sauce looked spicy and delightful, however much to my dismay, the UFO’s were less flavorful than they looked, on a very mildly disturbing note, even after eating the UFO’s I still had no idea what they were, even after tasting and consuming them. On the bottom right side we have the chicken teriyaki, it was actually very delicious and left me wanting more of it. Not pictured is a small plastic bottle of frozen dessert, i only know it was dessert because the word dessert was the only English word on the bottle, when it mostly thawed it was a sweet tangy yogurt like substance, rather tasty…This meal set me back $10.00. The odds are I won’t get it again for as much as I enjoyed the chicken teriyaki portion of the meal, the rest seemed like very interesting looking filler.

The Hungry Man Eats Score: 59/100 (The chicken teriyaki part of the dish was 85/100)

Eggs With Kale and My First Ever Blog Shoutout

Kale and Eggs

Remember that egg recipe on another blog that mentioned as being the inspiration for buying my first ever bag of kale? I got my chance to cook it up the other day. I went out for Thai for lunch with a friend and it was enough later in the afternoon that I figured I would not be hungry for dinner at the usual time. As it turned out by 7:00 that evening I was hungry, not hungry enough for a full size dinner, but hungry enough that some fruit would not be enough to stick with me. I had everything I needed already so kale and eggs it was!

Now about the blog that gave me the recipe…

The blog is called Recipe Fiction and it is authored by a lass named Melinda from Portland, Oregon and it has a unique concept for most of the entries, a recipe provided as the main course with some creative writing included as the delicious side, or vice-versa, hence the name of the blog. The recipe I used is called “Dads Eggs” on the website, and the delicious picture included sold me on trying it out. My snapshot above just doesn’t do this dish the same justice as the picture on her website. I prepared the recipe as presented, and I let it go just a bit too long. If I could do it again I would cut the heat about a minute sooner, I would have preferred my yolks a bit more runny, oh well just gonna have to cook the recipe again I suppose.

Although there aren’t a super huge number of posts on the blog, the vibe I get when reading it is that of being curled up on the sofa on a cold damp Sunday afternoon with a good book in hand with the smell of fresh baked cookies lingering in the air and a cooking show simmering away on the TV in the background…

So now go dear reader posthaste and check out her blog without further ado!

Vegetable Smackdown: Broccoli vs. Kale


Yesterday the Hungry Man was tooling around on the web when he came across the following article on the New York Times Website:

The gist of the article is discussing the assorted methods used to get people to eat more produce, one of which would be to market types of produce the same way something like soda is marketed. The vegetable they are focusing on is broccoli. They have a group of advertising types brainstorming ways to promote broccoli and I won’t spoil the details here, but one of the top ideas they come up with is to pick a fight with kale (imagine broccoli taking on kale the same way the Chik-Fil-A cows battle beef).

Now this is all very interesting, but why is it interesting to me? Well only the day before I bought my very first bag of kale. Like most greens a bag of kale is voluminous, the one pound bag I purchased for $2.49 could also double as a throw pillow. I had come across an egg recipe on another blog that called for kale and interested me so much that I made the splurge and bought a throw pillows worth of kale. I also figured that I would find some interesting recipes for using it as a side (I did, keep reading!)

Now what the NYT article from above also alerted me to is that kale is considered the smug Pabst drinking, corduroy jacketed, mustache wearing (ironically of course) vegetable whose favorite band is Vampire Weekend, aka the hipster of vegetables.

Broccoli is more like Judith, in accounts receivable who wears her tasteful burgundy pantsuit with pride and quietly listens to Billy Joel on her Discman because she would hate to disturb you.

So tonight I cooked up some kale as a side using this recipe:

Notice that it took Bobby Flays expertise to come up with a delicious side for kale, but broccoli, like Judith is very straightforward to work with. Steam it, or boil and drain it, add a bit of lemon pepper or something and voila, you have a tasty side as well.

Let it be known for the record that my first time trying kale was delicious, but I have always considered broccoli one of my favorite vegetable sides.

I forgot to take a picture of the sautéed kale, just imagine a pile of cooked spinach with more verve and frills, so instead I leave you with a picture of my bag of kale attempting to blend in with the chair pillows.


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