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I’ve Been Looking so Long at These Pictures of Food That I Almost Believe That They’re Real…

Camera in a Bowl

Whilst the Hungry Man was at work eating a sad desk lunch, he was browsing the web to feed his mind as he fed his stomach.

An article from Slate caught his eye:

The point the article was making was that seeing pictures of food on Instagram or Pinterest before a meal could make eating less pleasurable. For the uninitiated, those sites are like virtual photo albums, or for Pinterest, like a virtual scrapbook where you can post images that are from elsewhere.

The article cited in the Slate article is:

After the test subjects looked at lots of pictures of sweet or salty foods, they had them eat salted peanuts and asked the subjects how much the enjoyed the peanuts. The ones who viewed the salty pictures (though none showing salted peanuts) did not enjoy the peanuts as much.

Makes sense at first glance, but I have a few questions:

  • Salted peanuts were the food used, but were people enjoying them less because they were salty, or because they were a food not seen and people would have enjoyed a salty food they had seen a picture of?
  • Is this also true for the sweet foods? (Probably)
  • I remember looking at all kinds of foods and having it increase my hunger for those foods, so my experience runs counter to that above.
  • Back to the first point, does pulling a bait and switch like this make you less hungry and enjoy the salty food less? If I was looking at pictures of pepperoni pizza and hamburgers and then was fed salted peanuts, I would be kind of disappointed.

I may have to try this one out myself to see if it works…

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