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 Breakfast Sandwich 001

I am a modern technologically with it guy, use my computer and phone to do stuff, you know, “the Web. Using a mouse, mices, using mice. Clicking, double clicking. The computer screen, of course. The keyboard. The… bit that goes on the floor down there.

However I still enjoy clipping coupons, you never know what savings may pop up on the next page, and you usually see coupons for new products as well.

One lazy Sunday afternoon I was flipping and clipping and suddenly the page scanned above appeared:

“Mmmmm, breakfast sandwiches, all the best parts of the meal all combined in a portable package, brilliant!”

I noticed that it was for Marie Callender’s, and they have a good reputation for decent frozen food and restaurants, and that the coupon that went with it was for $1.50 off a single box.

Then I saw the ad copy above: “With homebaked flavor so good, why stop at one?”

Oh Marie Callender’s, I am so glad you asked why stop at one, there are lots of reasons:

  • Look at the nutrition info on the front of the box, 390 calories, 11g saturated fat (55% of your daily value), 1260mg sodium (53% of your daily value) The calories are on the high side of reasonable, but you are half your daily requirement for two unhealthy things right there.
  • Now go ahead and have that second sandwich and watch those numbers double, 780 calories, 22g saturated fat and 2520mg sodium. Congratulations! You have already exceeded your daily saturated fat and sodium intake for the day, all before 9:00 a.m.!
  • There are only three in a box, you will only get two meals worth, one normal and one gluttonous. Or if you just want to be like that, one meal and one half size meal.

Now Marie Callender’s is not known and will likely never be known for their healthful food options, though they do promote their meals that have under 500 calories. But don’t go off and promote being a glutton, it’s just unhealthy, and expensive to be having to buy their sandwiches twice as often, likely without the benefit of nice coupons in the future too.

Go ahead eat one and enjoy it with some fruit on the side, but don’t eat two.

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