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Iced Coffee: A Summertime Caffeine Fix

Ice Coffee

Iced Coffee: Photo by Jenny Nelson


It’s summertime and nothing sounds better then grabbing a nice hot mug of coffee. Nothing beats inhaling the steam that fogs your glasses and carries the wonderful fragrance up your nose. Sipping the superheated brew brings a warmth to your body and soul.

Wait, you mean it’s hot out and just reading these words is making you sweat? Sure, hot coffee is a great idea right now if you are living in Hobart, Tasmania where it was a cool 4 degrees Celsius this morning or perhaps you are an office drone where they keep it at a temperature more suitable for chilling sides of beef and it is causing your fingers to turn blue.

There are still a few weeks left in the summer and icy caffeinated beverages are much desired. Cola over ice you say? No, we are looking for something classier this time: Iced Coffee.

For coffee lovers, iced coffee is a tough sell, hot coffee is great, but room temperature coffee is gross and cold coffee is an acquired taste. Iced coffee seems like it would be really easy to make, but the most obvious preparation will yield a mediocre result. Simply brewing a pot of coffee, waiting for it to cool and then pouring it over ice meets the definition of iced coffee, but I bet it will taste weak and watered down to you.

There are several easy ways to improve your iced coffee:

Don’t just take my advice though, I’m not the only one with iced coffee on my mind these days:

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