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Dark Chocolate Caramel Cream Dolcini

Piccoli Dolci: In Italian it literally means “small cakes” in the language of Olive Garden, it becomes a slightly more flowery phrase: “little dessert treats”. I was there a few nights back when I was down visiting my parents and we all decided to get a some dessert. They have five different “Dolcini” available on the dessert menu. You may think that the word Dolcini is the plural for dolci in Italian, but you would be wrong, it seems to be primarily a corporate word used by Olive Garden (unless you are one of the people with the last name Dolcini, or a trendy espresso joint with the word in your name).

Enough linguistic tomfoolery though, the Dolcini choices were: Chocolate Mousse, Limoncello Mousse, Strawberry & White Chocolate, Amaretto Tiramisu and Dark Chocolate Caramel Cream. The picture at the top is of a Dark Chocolate Caramel Cream Dolcini, it was my dessert pick. The Dolcini’s all cost $2.69 each or 3 for $6.79. The rest of Olive Garden’s desserts all cost $4.99 to $6.99. The serving sizes however are a good bit larger for the price, or should I say gigantesco!

The price does seem high for the quantity you get, the soup spoon you see above is standard size and it looks gigantesco next to the dessert, but it does cost less than lots of Starbucks beverages by comparison. Also, you are at Olive Garden and you have decided that even after all the salad and bread sticks, as well as however much of your entrée you consumed that you still want to satisfy your sweet tooth. Do you really want to order that full size tiramisu? The sweetness inherent in a dessert is often a contrast to the meal you just ate (the vastly different flavor profile is why you always seem to have room for dessert) but most people don’t know that it really does not take much sweetness to satisfy you. A Dolcini size portion is usually just enough.

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