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A Bacon Cheeseburger from Whole Foods Market

Whole Foods Burger and Fries

About two years ago a Whole Foods Market opened up about a mile and a half from my place, I didn’t get around to checking it out until just this past weekend. I have other grocery stores that are more convenient and frankly my experiences with them from the past have left me wanting to steer clear of them. They used to reside in a smaller store that was overcrowded with smug shoppers who could not drive large shopping carts. Also, they did not earn the nickname “Whole Paycheck” because of their competitive prices. However, for Whole Foods, it’s not a competition really as they have carved out a niche by focusing on natural and organic products, a trip down one of their aisles will bear little resemblance to a trip down an equivalent aisle in a traditional grocery store in terms of the brands carried. They even have a page on their website that lists all the ingredients that they consider unacceptable, and thus will not carry any product that contains any of those ingredients.
Enough about the grocery for now, we’re here to discuss the delicious looking meal at the top of the page. Whole Foods has several prepared foods departments at this location including a grill, deli, pizzeria and fresh made sushi, I chose the bacon cheeseburger from the grill with a side of fries. You can select a variety of toppings and condiments, I added onion, lettuce, tomato, pickle, mustard, and ketchup. I also grabbed a bottle of lemonade flavor Vitamin Water as I was in the mood for lemonade but did not want to pay an arm and a leg for a tiny bottle of real lemonade. ($1.49 for a 20 oz. bottle of Vitamin Water).

So how was the food?
The Whole Foods Bacon Cheeseburger
• The lettuce and tomato were top notch and really helped the burger out. Decent red onion as well.
• The meat was nondescript, the patty was fried on a grill and did not seem to have much flavor of its own.
• Same deal with the bacon, hard to tell it was there, perhaps because of the next bullet point.
• The mustard was a very poor fit with this burger. They said it was honey mustard, but it sure tasted like a really strong Dijon to me, it just obliterated whatever subtle beef and bacon flavors there were. I will skip the mustard in the future.
• The fries were pretty good, they were not crispy, but they had a good potato flavor and seemed like they were homemade rather than store made. These fries would be awesome with vinegar!
• Lemonade flavored Vitamin Water is much more like Gatorade then anything, pretty good on its own, but not ideal with a meal, real lemonade would have been better.

Would I get this again, absolutely, but I think I would hold the bacon and keep the mustard at least 50 feet away from the burger.
Hungry Man Eats Score: 63/100 (-10 for that mustard!)

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