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Run For the Border… .59 .79 .99 go!

Old Taco Bell Logo

Fast food usually means low cost food, but even the cheapest restaurants have a challenging time keeping their food fast and cheap.

The article linked here from USA Today discusses how fast food restaurants are working on meeting the consumer demand for cheap eats.

Taco Bell has their version of a dollar menu called “Why Pay More?” The issue is that some of the items on this menu have crept up to as much as $1.49. Their goal is to replace it with a $1 Cravings menu. Well I remember when Taco Bell was synonymous with the least expensive fast food in town. Per the title, Taco Bell used to have a 59, 79, 99 cent menu back in the early 90’s

When I was growing up, my hometown had no Mexican restaurants to speak of so around 1990 when Taco Bell first came to town, this was a BIG DEAL! Upon opening, they had a special deal where soft tacos were only 39 cents, this was amazingly cheap even back then. I think the cheapest McDonalds item was their plain hamburger at 59 cents. At some point in the 90’s the prices crept up, but you can relive the magic in this commercial from 1991.

So what was on that menu that flashed by?

According to the ad, the items were:

59 cents:


Soft Taco

Bean Burrito


Pintos and Cheese

Cinnamon Twists

79 cents:

Chicken Soft Taco

Soft Taco Supreme

Taco Supreme


Beef MexiMelt


99 Cents:

Chicken Burrito

Steak Soft Taco

Combo Burrito

Nachos Supreme

Chicken MexiMelt

You could get a full lunch plus drink for under $3.00 back then…not fancy, plenty cheap, perfect for a teenager back in the day.

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