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Lunch: Chicken BLT Salad Sandwich from Starbucks



An abbreviation of luncheon, is a midday meal, and is generally smaller than dinner, which is the main meal of the day whenever dinner is eaten.

This is what Wikipedia says, but for a lot of us lunch is also a brief respite from the grind of work five out of seven days a week.

Lots of people make it out to eat, others choose to eat at their desk, either bringing something back or having brought something from home. I prefer to eat at my desk since taking longer for lunch out just prevents you from ending the workday sooner and going home.

Recently, I tried one of the sandwiches from Starbucks for lunch at work. Starbucks? For a sandwich? Well, I have lots of other places I get sandwiches from normally, but I had recently visited a Coinstar machine to convert some change into cash. Now, if you just want cash back, Coinstar takes a cut of your cash returned, 9.8 cents per dollar to be precise. However, Coinstar also gives you the option to convert your coins to a gift card with no fee. One of the gift card options was for Starbucks, which was the choice I made, which brings us back to lunch.

Prepackaged sandwiches are always a dodgy affair, you never know how long ago they were made, or if the quality is any good. They usually cost more than you hope they would, and they are usually tiny things shrouded in their plastic triangular nests. My sandwich from Starbucks came in a box instead, so I knew I had a shot at a good square meal. I chose the Chicken BLT Salad Sandwich which has in it according to Starbucks: “Grilled chicken, bacon, roasted tomato, scallion lemon pepper mayo and butter lettuce on harvest wheat bread.”

I have discovered the hard way that a chilled prepackaged sandwich usually needs to sit out for a little while before you eat it, as the chill takes away from the flavor (Note: This rule does not apply to ice cream sandwiches).

So how was it? The chicken was tender, the flavor was unique, not like any chicken salad I have had before, the bacon flavor came through, the lettuce actually had some crunch and they also did one very important thing: The lettuce was strategically placed between the bread and the chicken salad preventing the bread from getting soggy.

This was my first time eating this sandwich, I think it is somewhat new, as it is something I would have tried in the past if I had seen it before. It cost $5.95 at the location I stopped in at. Would I get it again? Probably, if I was craving a chicken salad sandwich and had not made any of my own. I wouldn’t go too far out of my way to get it though, since for as decent as it was, it was still pre-made and you can probably find a fresh made sandwich closer by depending on where your nearest Starbucks is.

Hungry Man Eats Score: 72/100

Pour Your Heart Into It: How Starbucks Built a Company One Cup at a Time

A Case of the Mondays: Leftovers Volume 1

Chipotle Leftovers Plus Corn Tortillas
And a happy Monday to you too!
So the workweek has started up again, another weekend becomes a faded memory…except for what you ate, or couldn’t finish eating in this case.
I made it out to Chipotle with a friend yesterday and got a burrito bowl with barbacoa (spicy shredded beef), fajita vegetables, pinto beans, Chili-Corn Salsa, cheese, sour cream and lettuce. They are generous with their portions, and the bowl has even more filling than the burrito in my opinion. So after eating my fill and splitting an order of chips and guacamole, I had about half a bowl left. Leftovers here we come!
What I decided to do for dinner tonight was to take the burrito bowl leftovers and make them the filling for some corn tortillas, turning the leftovers into a soft taco meal.
Quick and easy, but a bit messy. This brand of corn tortillas seem less sturdy than flour tortillas.
Another case of the Mondays vanquished with the power of leftovers!

Salmon, Here’s a Better Idea

Smoked Salmon on a Bagel

Now, that’s more like it!

This is what I was wanting to create, when I used canned salmon in an ill-advised experiment, this is how well it turns out when you use smoked salmon!

So what all is in it? An everything bagel, smoked salmon, tomato, capers, Vidalia onion, and cream cheese.

This makes an excellent brunch option and would go great with a cup of coffee, or even better, a mimosa.

Smoked Salmon on a Bagel
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Prep Time
10 min
Total Time
10 min
Prep Time
10 min
Total Time
10 min
  1. 1 bagel (your choice of flavor)
  2. 1 oz. smoked salmon
  3. 1/3 slice red onion
  4. 15-20 small capers
  5. 1 slice tomato
  6. cream cheese to your taste
  1. Slice the bagel in half and toast. Once toasted, spread cream cheese on the top half and place the smoked salmon on the bottom half of the bagel. Add the capers, separate your onion into several pieces and place on top of the capers and smoked salmon. Top off with your tomato slice and combine the two halves.
  1. The tomato is optional if you cannot find a good fresh one, no tomato at all will taste better then using one that isn't fresh.
The Hungry Man Eats
Alaska Smokehouse Smoked Salmon Fillet In Green, 8 Ounce Gift Box

Salmon, Who Thought That Was a Good Idea, Right?

Trying out new and different ideas makes cooking (and eating) fun, but for every inspired idea you have, you are likely to have a clunker come out of your hungry mind every now and again. I remember a few years back, I had a wonderful smoked salmon sandwich out at a bagel place. The ingredients were simple, and the effort required was nil. I decided to try a homemade version posthaste.

Some time passed as I actually needed to get some of the ingredients, like the cream cheese, capers and salmon. One day I was fired up and ready to go, I had everything I needed(so I thought), including a nice fresh bagel. I was missing the smoked salmon as it turned out, but I had canned salmon on hand, surely that would be a decent substitution?

No, no it was not.

Drippy, messy and flavorless(compared to the compact smoky goodness that is smoked salmon).

I have learned a lot since then about knowing what goes well as a substitute food item, and tomorrow I will show you how to do the Smoked Salmon on a Bagel the right way(with a picture or two!)

Run For the Border… .59 .79 .99 go!

Old Taco Bell Logo

Fast food usually means low cost food, but even the cheapest restaurants have a challenging time keeping their food fast and cheap.

The article linked here from USA Today discusses how fast food restaurants are working on meeting the consumer demand for cheap eats.

Taco Bell has their version of a dollar menu called “Why Pay More?” The issue is that some of the items on this menu have crept up to as much as $1.49. Their goal is to replace it with a $1 Cravings menu. Well I remember when Taco Bell was synonymous with the least expensive fast food in town. Per the title, Taco Bell used to have a 59, 79, 99 cent menu back in the early 90’s

When I was growing up, my hometown had no Mexican restaurants to speak of so around 1990 when Taco Bell first came to town, this was a BIG DEAL! Upon opening, they had a special deal where soft tacos were only 39 cents, this was amazingly cheap even back then. I think the cheapest McDonalds item was their plain hamburger at 59 cents. At some point in the 90’s the prices crept up, but you can relive the magic in this commercial from 1991.

So what was on that menu that flashed by?

According to the ad, the items were:

59 cents:


Soft Taco

Bean Burrito


Pintos and Cheese

Cinnamon Twists

79 cents:

Chicken Soft Taco

Soft Taco Supreme

Taco Supreme


Beef MexiMelt


99 Cents:

Chicken Burrito

Steak Soft Taco

Combo Burrito

Nachos Supreme

Chicken MexiMelt

You could get a full lunch plus drink for under $3.00 back then…not fancy, plenty cheap, perfect for a teenager back in the day.

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