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Dinner at Medieval Times, A Hands On Experience

I recently had the good fortune to get out to Medieval Times for their dinner and tournament. The show was entertaining, but the dinner that was provided is the interesting part for this blog.

Forgot to take a picture, so check it out here:

They have a full bar in the lobby area providing beer, wine, assorted house blended mixed drinks and all your traditional mixed drinks too. Not cheap at all, but hearing your bar wench say after you just paid $7.50 for a beer “Here is your $2.50 change my lord.” Priceless…

One of the gimmicks with dinner is that it is a utensil free experience. As they said in The Cable Guy: “There were no utensils in medieval times, hence there are no utensils AT Medieval Times. Would you like a refill on that Pepsi?”

I actually went with the iced tea, it tasted really fresh and was better than expected.

As for the rest of the fare:

Tomato Bisque: Tasted better than from a can which was really my only criteria, but what was really unique about the bisque was the serving method. There were these gigantic plastic thermal pitchers (a gallon at least) that they used to pour the bisque out of into your bowl.

Garlic Bread: Have you had frozen Texas Toast style garlic bread? Then you have had the bread we were served, tasty, but completely lacking in panache. They brought these out on a large baking sheet with 20 or so slices laid out.

Roasted Chicken: For me, the highlight of the meal… You get a half of a rotisserie style chicken, adequately salted and peppered and as moist as you would expect. Thank goodness for napkins.

Spare Rib: No “s” at the end here, you are provided with rib (singular). The rib did nothing for me at all, it was edible and the sauce was decent, but it was a bit undercooked and liberating the meat from the bone was barely worth the effort. It must have been an off night for the ribs as I have seen others rave about them.

Herb Roasted Potato: Two large potato wedges, the most predominant herb flavor was “theoretical” I could not taste any herbs at all, and pepper is no herb. So if they called this “Roasted Potato Wedges” instead, my first comment would have been “Pretty good, not too salty, and not too dry.”

Pastry of the Castle: It was an apple turnover, the crust was flaky and layered, the filling was standard (and still piping hot 10 minutes later) but again, no panache here.

Coffee: Brown, hot, caffeinated, a bit better than expected.

I am always suspicious of places that have fixed menus, the quality of the food is halfway decent at best and industrial in a public school cafeteria way at worst. Fortunately the dinner at Medieval Times exceeded my expectations, the high points of the meal (the chicken and the bisque) outshined the meh parts (the rib and the fast food style turnover)

Hungry Man Eats Score: 66/100

Welcome to The Hungry Man Eats!

Hello everybody, my name is Court and I am the hungry man behind this blog. Like most people, meal time is often a highlight of the day. I believe that food is meant to be enjoyed, not just consumed. I will be talking about all kinds of delicious things in the future on this blog:

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